Monday, 8 August 2011

Different Types of Blood Cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease which often takes the life of a person. In the conditions of cancer in a person, the cells get divided abnormally, which disturbs the other blood cells and also become the cause of tumor in a person. There are different types of cancer which may affect the body of the person. Cancer of any types is deadly for the human body.
Blood Cancer
This is the type of cancer which affects the blood of a person. This cancer affects the blood or bone marrow of a person. In this disease, the white blood cells popularly known as WBC, multiplies unnecessarily and the number gets increased more than required. These extra numbers of white blood cells interferes in the production and functioning of RBC, WBC and platelets. There are various symptoms of blood cancer, by which a person can make out. Blood cancer can be treated easily in its initial stages. There are many places in the world where blood cancers are being treated.
Blood Cancer Types
This cancer is basically of four types. They are as follows:
Acute Cancer: This is a type of cancer in which a large number of immature blood cells get developed. The immature blood cells which get produced unnecessarily disturb the production of healthy blood cells. This type of cancer is found mainly in children.
Chronic Cancer: In this type of cancer, a large number of mature cells are present, but they are abnormal. These types of abnormal cells take a lot of time to work properly. The treatment of this type of blood cancer is very complex. It is treated very minutely after studying its symptoms.
Acute Myelogenous or Myeloid Leukemias (AML): This is also a type of blood cancer. In these conditions, the WBC start growing abnormally, and the abnormal growth of this cells interfere in the normal production of other blood cells. This is a dangerous type of cancer and is usually found in children.
Chronic Myelogenous or Myeloid Leukemias (CML): In this type, the unnecessary production of white blood cells takes into the bone marrow. This type of cancer is mainly found in adults, and a person affected by this disease can survive up to 5 years under treatment.
Thus, there are several types of deadly cancers which would kill a person. If you feel any symptoms of cancer, then it's recommended to consult a doctor immediately. The doctor could only recognize the type after certain tests, and would recommend the appropriate medicine.

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