Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What is Cancer Remission?

All of us know about cancer, and many of us have frequently heard terms such as cancer remission. What is cancer remission exactly? Literal meaning of remission is reduction. However, when doctors use this term in reference with cancer, they mean the level of the cancer cure achieved through a certain therapy or treatment.
There are two types of cancer remissions: complete remission and partial remission. As the name suggests, complete remission is the complete absence of cancer signs and symptoms, while a partial remission is disappearance of a few signs and symptoms of cancer.
However, even when we refer to the complete remission of cancer, it may not necessarily indicate complete cure of the cancer and partial cancer remission suggests the presence of cancerous cells, however, in a decreased amount than earlier.
Remission and Cure
No cure is possible without remission. Remission and cure are interrelated terms as doctors usually avoid using the term cure for they use remission as the term to signify the period, wherein the patient responds to the cancer treatment.
To decide whether the cancer has been cured, a person needs to wait for a stipulated time to determine the type of response to the treatment. Hence, a remission that has almost cleared all symptoms of cancer may be termed as a cure.
While, remission is the period, when the patient responds well and positively to the cancer therapy, he/she may still die following a different illness. To decide the exact type of remission achieved with the cancer treatment, there are various examinations to be conducted within a stipulated period of time and decide what cancer remission is, has it significantly reduced the cancer symptoms and cells or has it just decreased the cancerous cells to a certain level.

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