Thursday, 19 January 2012

Colon Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy

Colon cancer survival rate is an approximate figure that indicates chances of survival of a person detected for cancer of colon and is usually calculated from the point of colon cancer diagnosis. Colon cancer life expectancy is based on various factors and may change from person to person though a general universal figure is taken into consideration before initiating with suitable colon cancer treatment.

Colon Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy in Detail

Colon cancer is one of the highest occurring cancers worldwide and targets both males and females in almost equal numbers. Colon is located very near to bowel and rectum. Colon and rectum cancer together are also known as colorectal cancer or bowel cancer. Cancerous growth in colon needs to be diagnosed and cured well in order to prevent inefficient functioning of bowels.

Colon cancer is more common in people used to high consumption of fat-rich content and red meat. Such contents causes inefficiency in food digestion and also causes obesity in long-term. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancerous disorder in females and leads to many other health issues including colon cancer. Thus, females suffering from cancer of breast should be very alert about their health issues and focus on healthy and active lifestyle.

Colon cancer life expectancy considers various health complications a person might be suffering from. Many people have family history of colon or other kinds of cancerous growth and may be more prone to colon cancer as compared to those without any such history. People having personal background of cancer or cancer treatment have high chances of cancerous growth in colon. Such people usually show low colon cancer life expectancy because their immune system is quite weak to resist cancerous infection developing in colon or other areas. This helps tumors to grow more freely and increase their scope of infection.

Colon cancer survival rate of a victim also depends upon other presence of other health disorders like HPV (Human Papillomavirus), ulcerative colitis, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), and inflammatory bowel disease. Such diseases cause healthy tissues present in colon areas to function abruptly and lead to insufficient supply of resources to other adjacent areas. This causes irritation among healthy cells and leads to development of cancerous infection.

Colon cancer life expectancy is closely related to age of the victim. According to latest colon cancer statistics, almost 80% of the cases were detected in people above 65 years of age and very less people under age of 45 years were diagnosed for the disorder. Colon cancer diagnosis in old ages decreases chances of fair survival to a great extent and also creates considerable complications in fair treatment of the victim. Old people tend to suffer from weak immune system and many other health complications that makes it difficult for them to sustain harshness of cancer treatments they undergo thus affecting the chances f survival considerably.

Colon cancer survival rate is quite high in initial stages. Average colon cancer life expectancy stands to more than 90% in the first stage while it comes down to 55-85% in the second stage. Life expectancy for colon cancer is around 20-55% in the third stage while it is less than even 10% in the fourth of last stage. People suffering from colon cancer recurrence tend to show poor survival rate.

Colon cancer survival rate is not universal and may vary from victim to victim depending on the status of his immune system and other health issues he might be suffering from. Healthy diet and active lifestyle helps considerably in better rate of survival. 


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